Hello Humanity
I am a blonde zombie ceramicist gaming cosplayer from California interested in changing the world one step at a time but for now you can call me powergirl.Want to play League? Just ask!

Instagarm: callmepowergirl

Ign League of Legends/Smite: LadyMes


I am sure, when Urf was still alive, Nami and he were tight friends! <3 So I drew this sketch to remind all of you what a great mate Urf was and the terrible thing Warwick did to him!
R.I.P. ;-P
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kgamerdork11 said: heya how are you? :)

I’m good! How are you :3

Anonymous said: Have you ever been given a wedgie?

I have a feeling I know who this is, come off anon damn it


Diana by obywatelsowa

Report Teemo by HeadcrabeD on deviantART

Hello! I know I just had a giveaway, but I promised I’d do something when I hit my first thousand and I didn’t expect that to come so soon! Soooo as thanks for you guys sticking around with me, here’s my 1k giveaway!
There will be one first place winner, and one second place. The first place winner will get to pick which prize they want and the second place will get the prize that they do not pick.
Prizes are:
-one 25$ rp card (NA only)
-one 10$ rp card and a keychain of your choice from this store (must be NA and the keychain must be under 5$)
-Must be following me
-NA only (sorry cards only work on NA)
-Reblogs only, you can like it but it won’t count as an entry
-Reblog as many times as you want, but try not to spam for the sake of your followers c:
-no giveaway/sides blogs
The winner will be determined by RNG as per usual
Giveaway ends October 24th, 2014 (That is the DEFINITE date… I checked like three times…. sorry about the confusion on my previous giveaway)
Good luck and happy reblogging!
Find someone that makes you laugh as hard as they make you cum

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people say ‘I love you’ in a lot of different ways

'eat something'

'buckle up'

'get some sleep'

'i want to give you multiple consecutive orgasms'

'buy some wards'

'click the lantern'

Better alone than badly accompanied.

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